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Why Do Dogs Foam At The Mouth?

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Why Do Dogs Foam At The Mouth

Your dog is your furry companion. But have you ever noticed your dog foaming from the mouth? It may look like nothing but with time it can pose a great threat. But is it a serious problem if your dog foams in the mouth? 

If you are worried about your companion and wondering why do dogs foam at the mouth. Then we would like to help. We don’t want you to suffer along with your furry friend we hope to ensure both safety. In general, people think their dogs have rabies but that is not true. There are many kinds of causes. 

So, before you are worrying and getting near death, stop! Read our guide and then decide which is your best option. Then, let’s start.

What is foaming versus drooling

The name may sound different but in reality, the way to differentiate is very narrow. As the name suggests both are different types of things. It is necessary to understand Foaming and Drooling for better solutions and a clear diagnosis. 


Foaming in a dog’s mouth will showcase like bubbles in the mouth. This bubble contains a few amounts of drool. These drolls usually fall on the ground from the side of their mouth. 

When your dog starts panting or heavy breathing this air will affect the drolling. the fusion of droll and air results in a form of foaming. This indicates your dog is having a problem that quickly needs attention. 


Drolling is normal for dogs this usually appears like a liquid thin and clear. Dogs have the habit of drolling when they are excited or enjoying themselves. This results in a drop of white liquid from the mouth. But sometimes overexcitement makes long saliva drop which can be funny but sometimes excessive. But when long drolling is continuous try to keep on notice of what’s happening. 

But do keep in mind if yours is a puppy this may not be something of a problem. During this period they try to sharpen their teeth which can also be a cause for drolling.  But in terms of sudden foaming, you need to seriously take the matter at hand. 

Why do dogs foam at the mouth? 

In terms of describing the foaming effect of dogs, the reasons are many. People usually think dogs only foam in their mouths when they have rabies. But sometimes this is not the right reason. 

If you are witnessing your dog foaming, then stop thinking and call your vet. Sometimes things can turn into major issues. In terms of pets, it’s better to be more active and attentive. 

The common causes that can cause your dog to foam are:

  • Excessive stress,
  • Stomach problem,
  • Bad taste, 
  • Dental,
  • Too Much Activity.

Excessive stress

When your pet is going through extreme stress from something this can cause mouth foam. Which can also. cause heavy breathing and other kinds of fearful behavior. When dogs start to breathe hard heavy drolls become foamy substances. 

So, if you ever face this situation we suggest you call the vet. In the meantime try to pet the head and talk to make it calm down. 

Stomach problem

Like us dogs also suffer from stomach problems. When dogs meet stomach problems dogs can vomit white foam. Even nausea can be a cause of white foaming in the mouth. To control this effect start by making a better food control. Lack of appetite can be a cause for diarrhea which can also cause a lack of energy. So when facing such conditions make sure to get to veterinary care for diagnosis

Also, try to adapt your dog to your moving motion. Sometimes simple motion sickness can cause serious stomach issues. 

Dental & bad taste

Dogs can have dental issues that make their mouths uncomfortable, just like we do. Things like bacteria buildup or gum disease can lead to awful breath and excessive drooling. Dealing with your dog’s teeth is important. 

Brush them routinely with dog-friendly toothpaste and give them dental chews. Ensure they have customary check-ups with the vet for proficient cleaning. This will keep your puppy healthy and comfortable. 

Dogs explore the world with their mouths, and sometimes they taste that aren’t ideal. It may be a plant, smelly, or toxic. To prevent this, watch out for your little guy during open-air experiences. 

Also, try to train them with a leave it strategy. By any chance, if your dog has eaten something they shouldn’t have. Then it’s urgent to rapidly get them to the vet.

Serious Foaming reason for dogs

  • Toxin
  • Seizures
  • Rabies


Your dog can come into contact with toxic substances while walking or by eating foods that fall on the ground. The common toxic things can be pesticides. If you suspect your dog has come in contact with such substances make a quick appointment. Get to vet them as quickly as possible. 

When in terms of toxic each ec counts for you. So try to get in contact with an expert and make a run for the vet. They will guide you to a better solution. 


Dogs can also have seizures just like humans. Sometimes it is common for a few pets but it is not something to be so afraid of. Yes, you can issue medication for this and expert consulting. Seizures can cause drolling to foam which causes abnormal behaviour. 

During a seizure if your dog is acting like rabies hold on! Maybe it’s not what you think it is, try to follow the actions your dog upholds. Even if it’s just a seizure try to take your dog to the vet to ensure better health. 


The truth about rabies in recent times is they are not as common as before. Yes, Rabies is a serious health condition and the first sign can be foaming. But remember just by flying you can’t be sure it has rabies as this has other symptoms as well. If your friend has an up-to-date vaccination of rabies you don’t have to worry. 

But if you think it has come in contact with another animal. Then it’s best to contact the vet. They will tell you the first guideline and if necessary They will ask you to come. Try to know about other symptoms of rabies and how to identify them. 

Also, it’s best to get in contact with unknown dogs. Rabies transfer from animal to human which makes it so dangerous. So, vaccinate your furry friend as quickly as possible. Also, try to inform the vet about other dogs that are still not vaccinated. This will help them to identify and help the animals also residents. 

So never try to get in touch with unknown animals and take precautions always. Make sure your dial has the vet’s number in time of emergency. Also, look out for symptoms like erection and trouble shutting off the mouth. In time you face this scenario quickly and take measuring steps. 
more of causes why do dogs foam at the mouth?


Final thoughts on why do dogs foam at the mouth

If your dog is showcasing excessive saliva release. This means your dog is suffering from one of the problems above. IF your dog is falling for hours try to contact the vet and take some advice. If the foaming continues, take it to the vet as soon as possible. 

They will perform a check-up and narrow down the reason for cause foaming. If you have concerns about toxication tell your vet about it as well. Also, dogs tend to try anything. So if you are not sure which is affecting your dog try to expose the reasons. 

Don’t take drolling lightly because sometimes it can cause health issues. Situations like infections are common around the mouth because of drolling. Which is why try to wipe them and follow expert medication. We hope the best for you and your furry friend. They are not just a pet they are a part of your family. Ultimately you have to ensure their safety.

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